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Why are we trusted by so many companies?

Simple, we believe in honesty and integrity, coupled with customer service that is able to present a true solution according to needs, will build a good relationship in the long term.
Our professional team will try their best to work on it a project, from the ordering process to the execution of the work in the field. Do not forget we guarantee our products and services for provide long term safety and comfort for you.
We believe that our services are able to provide the right solution properly according to needs, will build a good relationship within long-term.
Our customer service will serve you wholeheartedly can help with any complaints and all the things you consult.


Established since August 14, 2014 in Jakarta by PT. Globaltrackindo Professional System, we try to answer the needs of business people and professionals in managing their moving assets so that all their operational activities are always monitored.
International standard product and service quality as well as experienced professionals have made us increasingly trusted by many leading companies and government agencies, not only in terms of asset monitoring, but also as a consultant who provides complete solutions in the fields of Transportation Fleet Management, IT Development and Live Streaming.



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